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Finding Wonderlust

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Once you 've got wanderlust in your blood, you 've got it for life.
A story of epic adventure, travel, magic, enchantment, wanderlust and secret treasures found in faraway places.⠀

The search for the Keys to Wonderland is a project created for @unitedaviationgroup. This involved an idea to show-case every part of the company in a unique and magical way. The story included four adventures’s and the CEO and owner of the company himself, who can be spotted as a thread throughout the film, guiding the travelers on their journey. The final project included a series of fourteen films and three main features.

Campaign for United Aviation Group
@unitedaviationgroup welcomes you on-board to a Wonderland of wonderlust.
A luxury experience awaits every traveller on United Aviation Group as we take you wherever you want to go!

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