Tears Calendar

#BigDreams in Dream Land!

Tears Animal Rescue #Dreamland Calendar 

A Community project, dedicated to my very own special TEARS rescue pup, Winter. A happier, more loving dog you couldn’t hope to find. She has not left my side since her adoption.

This project highlighted not only a few of the gorgeous dogs needing their new families, but also shed light on the areas where TEARS works, and the amazing stories of the people who live there. 

The backdrop of our shoot #Dreamland was shot in Vreygrond at Uncle Fred’s whimsical Garden Center. This incredible man has built and designed this enchanting space from junk yards. Never before have I seen such a place. Fred’s BIG DREAM is to create a community self sustaining market and to teach people how to tend to their own garden and to educate the community on how to grow their own food.

Please support this amazing organization anyway you can, be it time as a volunteer for dog beach walks, a donation, attend any of their fun fund raising events.