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My distinct visionary style of colorful, bold storytelling and portraiture has been commissioned and appeared on billboards, in magazines, and in above-the-line (ATL), below-the-line (BTL), and Out of Home (OOH) campaigns globally. I have earned the title of the 'Queen Of Colour' due to my expressive use and love of color, which has become synonymous with my work. Inspired by my travels in and around Africa, I am driven by a passion to create a global stage for African design and talent, aiming to make the world a more beautiful and fantastical place.

As a commercial photographer and director, I specialise in crafting compelling, colorful, and beautiful images and short-form motion films across various brand channels, particularly within the luxury market space. With a focus on aviation, travel, hospitality, equine sport, fashion and beauty. I have integrated my love and passion for travel, horses, and design aesthetics into my work. This commitment drives my personal mission to make the world a more beautiful place and promote inclusion in fashion and beauty, bridging the age divide in advertising. My story-driven, colorful work sets me and my creative work apart.

I have collaborated with a diverse range of clients, from large-scale companies to low-budget scrappy startups, consistently delivering high-quality results that align with their needs and budget requirements.

A few of the notable clients I have had the pleasure of working with include Dentsu, Walter Thomson in Singapore, The De Beers Group, Ogilvy, Saatchi & Saatchi, ESPN Africa, United Aviation Group, Unilever International, African Fashion International, Fashion Without Borders, Universal Music Group, and Force 1 Records. My portfolio encompasses a wide array of campaigns, including renowned brands such as LUX, Ariel, Weleda in Germany, Fabiani, RITUALS in Holland, and Tanqueray Gin, among others.

With a strong technical knowledge and extensive on-set experience, I adeptly lead and manage every aspect of a photoshoot or TVC, from conception and ideation to lighting design and digital asset management. I firmly believe that the best work emerges when trust is established and when a fantastical, fun and calm environment is cultivated.

I am the first South African creative to have been interviewed for publications such as the esteemed French magazine Fubitz and the international heavyweight of all things photography in New York - The Phoblographer. In 2022, my work was exhibited at the contemporary VEEPEE Gallery in Paris, on the largest outdoor media screen in Europe, shown during the inauguration weekend of President Macron.

My recent achievements include being selected as one of nine photographers chosen by the World-renowned Art and Design and History Museum, The Schleswig-Holstein State Museum in Schloss Gottorf, to participate in a humanitarian project for Saatkultur*, representing the creative art of Photography, which was exhibited at the Museum. This project became a top 10 contender for a humanitarian and design award in Germany.

I was also handpicked as one of ten photographers worldwide selected by the Secretary-General of the United Nations and by Sky News to represent Fashion Photography in a campaign for vaccine equality for the United Nations Human Rights. This project was presented to International World Leaders in Geneva and reported on Sky News and The Times in the UK.

Additionally, four of my projects were featured in the official Pantone 2020/2021 color trend book, including inspiring a new Pantone color called Afro Black, and I am recognized as one of Nikon's Top 100 Global Photographers. A career highlight was a feature in the esteemed German Design publication - Page Magazine. 

I am honored to be recognised as a Profoto Ambassador and one of Nikon's Top 100 photographers.


Cape Town: 084 742 2402

London: 0 736 735 8384

📩 hello@ingridirsigler




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