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Distinct Visionary Style: Known as the 'Queen Of Colour,' Ingrid's bold, colorful storytelling has been featured globally in billboards, magazines, and various campaigns (ATL, BTL, OOH).


Notable Achievements: Recognized by prestigious publications, exhibited in renowned galleries, and involved in high-profile humanitarian and design projects.


Global Collaborations: Worked with top brands and agencies like African Fashion International, ESPN Africa, Universal Music, Ogilvy, Saatchi & Saatchi, and more.


Diverse Expertise: Focus in luxury brand visuals, film production, and social media strategies, delivering compelling and innovative content across multiple platforms.



I am all about ideas – ideas that stick, reshape your world, and bring your brand to life. Ideas that create happiness, emotion, soul, and connection.

Give your brand a voice – a voice to sing, shout, talk, giggle, and even gossip. A voice with a soul, a heartbeat, and the power to feel, cry, believe, inspire, achieve, and connect, all driven by innovative and brave ideas.

With over two decades of experience in brand transformation, I have worked with both newcomers and high-end brands in need of a fresh perspective.

Book a session to create content that aligns with your brand objectives. From initial analysis to crafting compelling stories, creating content, handling strategy, and seamlessly implementing your campaign across all channels.

For bookings:

Ingrid Irsigler In Numbers

How you feel is everything...

Brand Strategy and Creative Direction Session

This session provides my expert guidance on brand strategy and creative direction, focusing on enhancing your brand’s identity and communication. It includes:

  • A comprehensive analysis of your brand’s current position in the market.
  • Identification of unique selling points (USPs) and brand strengths.
  • Development of a cohesive brand strategy tailored to your target audience.
  • Creative direction on visual and thematic elements to enhance brand identity.
  • Strategic recommendations for effective brand communication across various platforms.
  • A detailed action plan and creative deck to implement the proposed brand strategy.

I work with your creative team, or my team to bring your brand change your life.


Humanitarian Projects: Selected by the United Nations and Sky News for a global campaign on vaccine equality, presenting work to international leaders and featured in major news outlets.


Recognition and Awards: Featured in the official Pantone color trend book, recognized as one of Nikon's Top 100 Global Photographers, and a Profoto Ambassador.


Innovative Content Creation: Launched and developed the largest online lifestyle, decor, and design platform in South Africa, BigCityLife, engaging over 10 million users monthly.


Leadership in Aviation: Transformed United Aviation Group from a small presence to Africa's largest full-service aviation group through effective creative and marketing strategies.


Impactful Campaigns: Successfully led creative and marketing projects for diverse clients, including aviation, fashion, travel, and beauty industries, ensuring high-quality results and memorable brand experiences.


Event and Publication Excellence: Produced high-profile events like the United Derby and created collectible book series, establishing strong industry connections and brand partnerships.

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